Cloud Accounting

Small business accounting software that’s not current or accessible can be costly. It’s not only inconvenient but risky to lose data or view inaccurate outdated information.  You can use the applications, network appliances, servers and storage you need – situated in a Virtual Office in the Cloud.

Having your software hosted on a remote server gives you a better overview of your financial picture and lets you make better decisions with live data. It means you’re not tied to your desk so you can run your business from many different devices and your business is freed from installing, maintaining and upgrading software on individual pc’s. Your remote employees or branch office enjoy access to the same real-time data so staff collaboration is more timely and productive.

Cloud accounting technology securely maintains your data and allows your staff, partners and accountant the freedom to access files, documents and your entire QuickBooks® system – anywhere with an internet connection! A document management system can simplify your company records so you save time and expense on reams of paper, IT and software resources.

Certified-QuickBooks-Online-ProAdvisorQuickBooks® Online – More businesses run on QuickBooks® than anything else and you can run your entire business while you are on the run! It’s easy to use QuickBooks Online on-the-go to track sales and expenses, accept payments, and even pay employees. You quickly get information that’s always up-to-date and it’s simple to share with your bookkeeper or accountant or scan receipts for easy entry and audits. Connect it to your bank account to download and automatically categorize transactions. You can personalize it for branding, then invoice, receive immediate payments and notification, and even observe as QuickBooks automatically updates and deposits the proceeds into your bank account. Information is safeguarded by bank level security and automatic backups.

RightNetworks – Your applications and data are safe, hosted on ultra-reliable data centers that are always on, always connected, so you get secure, simple collaboration of all your accounting data. No worries about maintaining the system, backing up data, server updates, firewalls, or even actual fires and other natural disasters! Gain the flexibility of working on your schedule, your choice of location, on almost any device. Integration with dozens of other solutions like Method, QuickBooks e-Commerce, SmartVault, SpringAhead and more allows you to simplify and automate your business systems.