QuickBooks® Set-Up & Consulting


Having difficulty lining up your QuickBooks® accounting software with your current accounting practices? We can help you get the “Quick” into your “Books.” As a certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor, we can install, configure and synchronize account data.


We provide ongoing training and support with seminars on the basics of QuickBooks® as well as specific topics. More comprehensive support is offered through our consultation services.


From new QuickBooks® users to seasoned users, Computer Bookkeeping Solutions provides consulting and training to empower you to utilize your QuickBooks® to its fullest potential. New to QuickBooks®? We’ll develop a customized data file and training on how to use it effectively. For more seasoned users, we’ll answer questions, provide direction for more complex issues, and present more extensive training.  Most of our support takes place remotely and requires high-speed internet access.

Data File Development

For more specialized consultation, schedule a meeting. This initial consultation meeting is generally a 1-1/2 to 2 hour appointment. During this appointment we evaluate your accounting processes and reporting needs and develop a data file that will accommodate your specific needs in the most efficient manner, then develop further stages to boost performance. Our consultation and design work is billed on an hourly basis.

Follow-up Appointments

After the initial consultation, you will begin implementing some of the new processes we’ve developed. Follow-up appointments will continue the development of your data file as well as answer any questions that may have come up since our last visit. Depending on your needs or bookkeeping experience, these appointments may be in one to three week intervals, usually lasting between 1 and 2 hours. These sessions are also billed on an hourly basis.

Reconciliation Training

After your data entry is flowing smoothly, we teach you how to reconcile your accounts and provide you with a customized End of Month Checklist. Enjoy confidence that your bookkeeping is as accurate and thorough as possible.

Ongoing Phone / Remote Support

We are available from 8:00 – 4:00 on weekdays for phone support. If you have high-speed internet, we can access your computer remotely. This enables us to give you efficient, personal, and professional tech support. These support calls are billed on an hourly basis (with a five-minute minimum).

Bookkeeping Services

We offer in-house bookkeeping services on a limited basis. This service provides business owners with essential reports and professional fulfillment of accounting requirements.


Send us your cash register receipts or sales books. We will record your daily sales, manage accounts receivable, and send customer statements for you. We can also file and pay your sales tax electronically.


Send us your check register or accounts payable invoices. We will record your expenses, manage accounts payable, and pay your bills for you.


Using your time sheets, we can process your payroll and prepare paychecks or direct deposit. We can also make tax payments electronically and prepare and file your payroll quarterlies for you.


When you provide us access to your bank, loan, and credit card statements, we will reconcile your accounts. Professional reconciliation assures you of accurate account balances.


We can provide you with regular and accurate balance sheet and profit and loss reports. We also offer special production reports and graphs. Call us to set up a consultation meeting to determine your needs

Payroll Services

We do not provide payroll only services. However, as part of contracted bookkeeping or assisted bookkeeping services, we can also provide payroll services. We offer setup and training to allow you to manage routine payroll tax payments or assist you with payroll taxes, as well as full-service options for processing, filing, and paying your quarterly and annual payroll taxes.


It’s important to catch issues in your books as soon as possible and deal with the root problems, not just give a quick “patch.” That’s why we offer period data analysis services on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Using a special data tool, we transfer your data file to our office and then return it when we’ve completed the assessment. A 60+ point checklist is employed to find and resolve issues that may affect sales tax, payroll, or income tax reporting. After the evaluation we’ll provide a report of data entry or file structure issues and then arrange follow-up support for issue resolution.

When finished, we can upload a copy of your QuickBooks® data to your tax preparer for income tax filing. In many cases our diagnostic evaluation achieves an almost issue-free income tax appointment. Finding and correcting issues before a tax return is completed takes a fraction of the time — and who would rather try to correct issues after a tax return has been filed with inaccurate information?

We can also reconcile your accounts, file payroll and sales tax payments, and prepare quarterly and annual payroll returns as part of your evaluation.


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